I Love You. I Miss You. Thank You.
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Herrrooooo...My name is Buddy, and I am the greatest Irish 'Shortie' JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) ever and ever and yes, ever. I am lovable, squeezable, huggable, kissable and so affectionate all the frigg'in time, I just can't stand it !!


After you go thru my site, if you still don't think I am sooooooooo cute & lovable, please click here.

I'm soooo Cute !!

This site is dedicated to me...it's all about me. Me Me Me Me Me Me Me and Me !!!

I would like to share with you all my animal adventures, my favourite people, my favourite treats and and of course my favourite toys that I luv so much.

I hope you enjoy my site!!



I Love Scuba Diving !!

Check me out !

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Atchana's Restaurant

Coconut Grove, Miami FL

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Check out me when I'm Sleeepppppyy !!

Look At Meeeeee...

See more pics here.

"Viva Las Vegas"

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Today is:

[July 27, 2012]

Happy Birthday Buddy !!!

It's been a month since you've been gone...the pain will never go away...I miss you so very much, each and every day. I wish I could hold you and play with you on this special day. But know that I am with you always, as I love you, I miss you and I will see you again.

[June 24, 2012]



RIP my best friend, The Greatest Pal in the World !!

(July 27, 1998 - June 24, 2012)

[June 18, 2011]

I added my sleepy pics...I'm soooo cute when I'm napping !!

[February 26, 2011]

Really big thank you to my brother Chopper's mom, Tiffany, for providing family tree pictures and pictures of super cute 'Chopper' himself!!

[February 14, 2011]

Buddy had a wondeful Valentine's Day of course. Much love to my little man!!

[December 13, 2009]

I walked up and down the entire Las Vegas Strip today!!

[November 21, 2009]

What a wonderful day hiking with my mommy and daddy in Red Rock Canyon located just outside of fabulous Las Vegas, NV!!

[September 8, 2009]

More and more pictures of me at the park with Deana!!

[April 7, 2009]

Website facelift.

[June 1, 2008]

Deana and Buddy have been so busy taking wondeful pictures that they had to go online.

[April 6, 2008]

Herrrooooo everyone. Sorry for not updating sooner but I have been so busy thisyear. Great pics and video coming soon. Check for updates shortly. Woof!!!


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