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I am an Irish Jack Russell Terrier that is the  'short-legged' type of the breed, often called 'little pudding dogs', 'potbellies', 'shorties' and 'puddins'. They are not to be confused with the 'Parson' Russell Terrier, which is the terrier recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Eddie, from the TV show Frazier and Wishbone are Parson Russell Terriers: taller, longer legs, bred mostly to be hunting dogs.

The Irish Jack Difference

The Parson Jack Russell is a true working terrier, still effectively bred and worked as a hunting dog. And, what a fine hunting dog they make! However; these larger Parson Jacks are not always the best pets and, perhaps more importantly, are not often the pet dog for the 'average' household. Their temperaments are perfectly suited to home living, to being around children of all ages and to being with other pets. See a detailed list of temperaments.

Look for the following attributes and traits:

  • superior temperaments
  • sweet dispositions
  • intelligence & trainability
  • overall good health and body structure
  • smaller size
  • color and markings
  • friendliness and loyalty

Jacks are really great with other house pets, and with children of all ages. The average Parson Russell Terrier's instinct and desire to hunt is greater than its desire to please.

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